Manufacturing Capabilities

All plants of Sanjay Group hosts state of the art technologies for various manufacturing processes. The Engineers at Sanjay Group are skilled to develop simple manufacturing processes to address complex customer requirements.

- Aurangabad - 19 machines, 90T to 550T

- Pune – 25 machines, 100T to 1500T

- Pantnagar – 14 machines, 120T to 550T

- Noida – 3 machines, 250T to 550T

- 16 presses up to 100Tons

- TIG, MIG & projection welding

- Forming & Swaging machines

- Painting on plastic parts

- HVAC assembly

- Bio-mass stoves


- Conveyor zed assembly lines are used for manufacturing of various appliances and electronic assemblies.

- Painting of Motorcycles fenders & Side Cover

Engineering Capabilities

Sanjay Group has established a reputation for providing low cost and high value engineering solutions. This reputation has been developed over the years by building a wealth of experience and engineering capabilities across a range of industries.

- Trained Engineers to work on variety of 3D modeling softwares.

- Functional & Non functional prototypes for plastics.

- Polyurethane foam prototypes for aesthetic evaluation.

- HIPS, PVC & PP forming.

- Prototypes for sheet metal parts.

- Software Development to address the needs of manufacturing industry.