Quality Process

Quality Process of Plastics are goes through following process.

1. Computer-Aided Design:
Sanjay Group uses the most recent versions of SolidWorks running on Dell Workstations. We are able to conduct prototyping through the use of CAD simulations and 3D modeling.

2. Production:
Our plastic products come to us in the form of tiny pellets. These pellets are fed into the blow molding machines using a sophisticated vacuum system.

3. Quality Control:
From the selection of the raw materials used in our products to the companies involved in shipping our goods, we maintain a strict quality control policy. At each stage of production, we diligently collect production data to ensure the quality of the product and keep waste to a minimum. Sanjay Group prides itself in adopting the concepts of fit for purpose and do it right the first time.

4. Standards:
Many manufactured products have to meet stringent quality standards like CSA. To comply with those standards Sanjay Group implements quality control procedures in the manufacturing process.

5. Testing:
Sanjay Group product is submitted to rigorous testing, both destructive and non-destructive. Our equipment is regularly tested to ensure that they are operating within optimal parameters.