About Sanjay Group

Started in 1997 as a entrepreneurial unit, with just one injection molding machine located at Aurangabad.

Has been constantly growing since then, today it is a group with:

  • Eight manufacturing facilities.
  • Four geographical locations: Aurangabad, Pune, Pantnagar & Noida.
  • Manufactures an array of Automotive Parts & Home Appliances.
  • Employs over 500 people.
  • Strong Social Values.

Corporate Values

As a responsible corporate citizen Sanjay Group continually focuses on the Health & Safety of its employees. We strive for zero injurious to our employees at the workplace .We also endure to archive ZERO damage to the company property.

Every employees of Sanjay Group is fully committed to Customer Enthusiasm. We strive to go beyond the traditional approach of satisfying the customer need. In addition to meeting all the customer defined deliverables, we also focus on identifying and fulfilling the Unstated customer needs.

Sanjay Group has maintained a healthy CAGR of 15% since its inception. The company